The older we get as humans the more likely we are to start storing belly fat. The fat gain comes from less activity in our daily lives, different eating habits, and a decrease in the production of natural chemicals that our body uses to regulate itself. DHEA, a naturally occurring prohormone dehydoepiandrosterone, is one of the chemicals that help to regulate body fat that our body produces less of as we age.

Naturally occurring DHEA levels peak when we are about 25 years old, when we are in our peak. After that production levels begin to decline by about 2% each year, so a 35 year old will have 20% less DHEA than they did a decade earlier. Reduced DHEA levels have been associated with many of the symptoms of aging, like abdominal fat.

Dennis T. Villareal, M.D. and John O. Holloszy, M.D. conducted a study to determine if DHEA could reverse some of the metabolic complications from aging if DHEA levels were returned to youthful levels. They found that when compared to a placebo, DHEA supplements helped to decrease the fat in 10.2% of women and 7.4% of men. The study also found a 6% decrease in subcutaneous abdominal fat (below the skin surface) in both men and women.

DHEA is most effective when used as a transdermal cream. When it is used in pill form DHEA is destroyed by the liver and cannot effectively be used by the body. Twist 25 is a 5% trandsdermal pharmaceutical grade bioidentical DHEA supplement. This means that the DHEA is absorbed through the skin where it can be used to build estrogen, testosterone, estrone, estradiol, and about 50 more hormones.

If you are over the age of 35 you should use Twist 25 to feel the benefits of restoring your youthful levels of DHEA. Using Twist 25 every day for three weeks will let you feel the full benefits and start to fight the effects of aging.