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What causes many women 35 and up to lack energy or stop feeling vital and sharp, lose focus and mental clarity, lack sex drive, and not sleep well at night? The answer is hormones. Decreases in hormone levels like estrogen, progesterone,

DHEA is short for dehydroepiandrosterone. It is not a hormone but it is a very important natural prohormone secreted in large amounts by the adrenal glands in humans and other primates, but not in lower species. It is the most

DHEA must be used as a properly made bioidentical DHEA cream called Twist 25. Why? - Medical research shows the human body metabolizes most DHEA into other hormones in the skin (the dermis). The skin is the largest organ of the

Is DHEA Safe? DHEA is a naturally occurring pro-hormone.  It is the most abundant pro-hormone in the body.  DHEA is a base building block for hormones we produce. %0 hormones use DHEA as a precursor.  The body makes DHEA and pregnenolone

FACTS DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone, is a naturally produced prohormone. It is the most abundant basic building block for hormones in the human body. Hormones drive many aspects of our lives. How we feel, how we act, mood, energy levels, feeling of well-being, how

Unfortunately, if DHEA levels are not maintained over time, there are many detrimental effects on physical, psychological and emotional well-being. DHEA  is the most abundant prohormone or base building block for hormones. There is an interesting process that yields it